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A Miller-Dwan Foundation campaign to help children with mental illness.

Why do you think there is a need for a childhood and adolescent mental health facility?

The need is great. The statistics are overwhelming.

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Because we need early interventions. We need to try to prevent things from getting worse. If we can "catch" it early, the children have a much better chance of growing up to be healthy adults.
If you know anyone in this situation, you will see how quickly the whole family can become overwhelmed. You will see how hard it it is to admit "what's wrong" is mental illness, especially in someone so young. You will see the heartache as a caring, concerned family tries everything, and then finds it's not enough. You will see how agonizing the often months-long wait is for an appointment with a professional--when you know each day is critical. Betsy is right on. We desperately need a special place just for kids--and we really need it now.
There seems to be more and more suicide decisions by young people these days. I was put in Miller Dwan alcohol treatment when I was 16 years old in 1976 .It was all adults and me for 3 months . After I was released I went into a severe depression and short of suicide I stayed in my parents basement for a year. I believe depression starts almost at birth and a young person needs to learn there are coping skills ,choices and they are not alone ore something wrong with them..What a great way to help adolescents in our community.


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